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NamastayAds is an intelligent mobile advertising platform designed to help mobile technology companies reach global growth, acquire active users and monetize inventory.

NamastayAds operates in the field of consumer apps, mobile games, cross-border e-Commerce, internet finance, lifestyle, travel and numerous other industries, covering over 100 countries and regions, and delivering global coverage at large scale.

Our Services

Ingenious Digital Solutions

We specialized in CPA, CPI, CPL and branding campaigns. We help exclusive advertisers to maximize the ROI and eCPM of their mobile campaigns, by using big data, dedicated teams of strategic account managers and unique optimization methodologies.



Booming Mediation Platform

Demand sources over 100+ and over 60+ controls for publiser.

Data Driven mobile Platform

Our Data Driven solution to maximize your profit.

Technology Driven Platform

Automated Optimization Engine to maiximze eCMP



All the way from idea to launch for iOS and Android mobile apps.

We create elegant user experience for applications that achieve business goals and make users happy.



Lead generation is considered to be one of the most significant parts of a business.

Building of a good communication network is what counts in your branding.

Suppose you are on a social networking site but you hardly do any sort of activity then just get ready to lose your customers.


Acquire High-Quality Users at Scale

We are ROI driven. We help you reach the right people at the right moment, experiment and optimize to maximize your investment.

Global Reach that Delivers Value

Direct partnership: scale up your user acquisition and connect with engaging mobile users. We work directly with top app developers, mobile websites,and are integrated with leading SSPs,DSPs, and Ad networks

Media buying : supercharge your marketing on Facebook , Google , snapchat and more



Join our portfolio combining ultimate Real Time Bidding technology and dedicated account managers. We will follow up with every detail to maximize your profit. You will have access to top advertisers around the world, exclusive offers and daily optimizations to ensure 100% fill rate; for us, every impression counts

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